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Explore the Seven C’s of Effective Change Leadership – Charting your course,  Controls for Navigating, Choosing your crew, Casting off, Connecting the crew to the mission and each other, Communications for calm seas and for storms, Collaborating for survival and for successful end of mission.  Lessons from 30 plus years of successful change leadership

Curiosity drives improvement and innovation!

Provide your team with access to the best experience available!  Contact us for off-the-chart engagement and peak creativity drivers for your direct reports and their teams!

School of Hard Knocks and Life on the Rocks?

Starting from the ground up is easier than a turnaround situation in almost every way. Connect with Walt to discover how to engage in powerfully effective ways to restore that “Start Up” energy to your turnaround team!

Leadership is tightrope!

Leadership looks easy…and it can be —  with just a few focusing conversations with Walt and his team about “Balanced Leadership as the Center of Culture.”  Clarity is the constant requirement and priorities are the constant battle.  Connect with Walt to discover how to drive clarity and alignment for your teams. 

Progress doesn’t always come easily.

In dark times, your teams are looking for light and direction.  Connect with Walt to talk about how to become that beacon your team needs.

Changing YOUR Culture: 

Turnaround Leadership Seminar for executive leaders only. Coming Soon!

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